Saturday, 28 November 2009


What the fuck? Caught myself on my self here.
So here you go a perfect picture of someone else's dream realization cut and pasted on to the end of my own desire.
Fuck my desire got lazy. It's massive, my desire, I got ideas and distorting vision but this weight gets dead. It's getting dusty.
I vision. I motor on optimism but there must be deep down reason why I can't even pronounce that word 'procrastination'.
And words: I'm safe in them, I play with them, sculpt safety with them and
But they're like grids on nature, straight lines and squares. They're like maps and signposts that just direct me to what I know. They just take me home.
I got so lazy. Where'd my action go? Right now even my dreams of doing nothing seem like an empty effort. I'm searching to depend. Wrong search. I can't rely on anything. That up there is someone else's hammock.

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