Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I find old film, all rolled in, all shot, from a time you can't remember. All hid in a little can. They litter my bedroom all mixed up with all the other crap. Little Life Cans. Every now and then I scoop them up and let Snappy Snaps do their one-hour magic. Sometimes when I'm not quick-life digital I use this beat up eighties automatic thing. It prints nice. It hits and misses. It's cracking out. Getting clunky. I just smack it in to life now and then. It might have died. Smacked out. Even Snappy Snaps lady flashed a job deflecting moment of empathy when she told me only three prints came out of my two rolls of film. I think she took the payment super quick to try and ease the pain. Maybe.
Anyway Robin snuck in to my room and scanned the last breath. They say the flame always flickers before it goes out.

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