Tuesday, 4 December 2012


My favourite youtube subscription got taken down.
My only youtube subscription.

Whoever this generous digger, host of beautiful, crap, weird, varied and downright undiscoverable to most and many...whoever this person is, they need holding up not holding back. 
Opened my eyes, looking backward, pushing forward, to glares of insight and sprang more streams of imagination in my tiny mind than any clunky business chasing cats, like your itunes or your spotifys could ever, ever, will never do.

I get as much excitement discovering beauty that I never knew existed before my time / early in my time, as I do from something new or of this time. More excited actually. Definitely more excited. It's like these little forgotten doors to things you never knew existed. Real fantasies.

Doors a little bit ajar.
Quick peek.
unaware they were from near my home town
and this peek informing me in what I try to do.
A little tiny bit.

Another peek.
happens to appropriate a feeling of my week, that week with a sentiment from beamed out thirty odd years ago.
New context.
Through them, with them, naively I'll look further afield.

Two tips of the iceberg.

Something new to me.

Alternative archive.
Cheeky history.

Sure they'll bounce back somewhere.
Waste of 1000s of videos though.
Watched by half a million.
Subscribed to by 500.
Of which me, one.
I miss it already.

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  1. Thanks man!

    Nice to know my efforts were appreciated by some...